Tech-To-Owner Program

A Growth and Goal Oriented Program for Techs on the Rise

The Tech-to-Owner program guides key employees to franchise ownership through goal setting with their local franchise owner. This program is meant to benefit both career-oriented techs like you, as well as the franchise owner they work for.

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To participate in the program, you will work closely with your franchise owner to set specific goals for the franchise location, make a plan on how you can accomplish those goals, set a timeline, and then follow through. If you reach your goals in the set timeline, you can become a franchise owner with your own territory without paying the franchise fee. 

Steps include:

  1. Key employee and franchise owner work together to create long-term goals and a proposed timeline.
  2. Present the goals and timeline to CALC HQ and get them approved.
  3. When those goals are met within the agreed-upon timeline, the employee is awarded a franchise territory with the franchise fee waived.
  4. Employee and franchise owner create a transition plan for employee to become a full-time owner with CALC

What are the Benefits of the Tech-to-Owner Program?

The Tech-to-Owner program is designed to be a win-win for both the owner and the tech. Here are some benefits of participating:

  1. This is the ultimate career advancement opportunity. You can become a business owner if you work hard, collaborate with your employer, set realistic goals and execute the vision.
  2. You help your employer grow their business while creating a great situation in which you can start your own business.
  3. Having another owner in a nearby or adjacent territory increases brand awareness, reputation, word of mouth, and ultimately customers and revenue. When a tech transitions to full ownership of a new territory, both owners win.
  4. You can move into ownership at your own pace once you’ve met your goals. The transition timeline from tech to owner is up to you and your employer (the franchise owner), you won’t be leaving the owner or the company in the lurch by jumping into a new territory right away, and you won’t be expected to leave your tech job immediately, either.
  5. You will have someone you know and trust nearby who can offer support and advice as you become an owner.
  6. And of course, you become a franchise owner without paying the $25,000 franchise fee.

What members of the program have to say:

For me it was a game-changer. I love what I do and it opened doors for me… I wholeheartedly believe in the ownership program. The American dream in action.

— Scott Golub, Current Clean Air Lawn Care Richardson Owner and Former Tech

Scott was a big part of the growth of my business. …Once I saw that he was a great candidate to be an owner, I shared the ownership path idea with him.  I could tell a major difference in his interest in other parts of the business after he set his sights to be an owner.

—Rick Hauser, Former Clean Air Lawn Care Dallas Owner 

Learn More About the Tech-to-Owner Program

Learn More About the Tech-to-Owner Program

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