Clean Air Lawn Care is a Best Franchise of 2021

Clean Air Lawn Care is a Best Franchise of 2021

What Makes Clean Air Lawn Care a Best Franchise?

Franchise Business Review recently published its list of Top Franchises of 2021, and we’re proud to say that Clean Air Lawn Care made the list as a top franchise. But what exactly makes a top franchise? How does Franchise Business Review make their annual list, and what kind of metrics do they use to determine which franchisors are considered the cream of the crop?

Franchise Business Review uses what they call the “Franchisee Satisfaction Index,” or FSI, to measure franchise companies over time. This assessment surveys over one thousand franchise brands, asking questions that “gauge satisfaction and engagement in eight key areas:” training and support, systems and operations, executive leadership, core values, franchisee community, self-evaluation, financial opportunity, and general satisfaction. Learn more about how Franchise Business Review determines its top franchises here.

Below, we’ll touch on some of these areas, and why our metrics were higher than the industry benchmark in them. Clean Air Lawn Care Franchisees gave higher-than-benchmark scores in all of the formerly mentioned areas, but let’s focus on what really seems to stand out for our franchise owners.

High Franchisee Satisfaction

Top of the list is our high marks in overall franchisee satisfaction. Our owners gave us top scores in questions like “would you do it again?” and “would you recommend Clean Air Lawn Care to a friend?” These questions measure franchise owners’ overall satisfaction with their experience as an owner. We’re proud to report that this area is where we scored the highest. Our owners say that if given the chance, they’d choose Clean Air Lawn Care all over again, AND encourage their friends to do the same.

top franchise supportIncredible Support

Another point of pride is that our scores in the “Training and Support” area reflect the focus and attention that the Clean Air Lawn Care HQ team gives to owner support, training, and community. Our rating results were far and above the benchmark, which means our work isn’t going unnoticed. Franchise Business Review asks franchisees about their satisfaction with the training and support provided because “successful execution of a franchise business is all about the training, support, and ongoing development that franchisees receive from their franchisor.” At Clean Air, we also believe that the training and support add to the high value of the franchise.

Low Competition

Let’s single out the high score we got on a question that asked franchisees about the amount of competition they see in their local economies. This question is in the “Financial Opportunity” section of the survey, and our high score reflects the fact that Clean Air Lawn Care owners remain pioneers in the sustainable lawn care industry, even more than a decade after the franchise started. Pet lovers, homeowners, and environmentally conscious consumers across the nation are looking for a more sustainable and healthy way to take care of their lawns, and Clean Air Lawn Care offers a professional, effective way to do it. Sometimes, Clean Air Lawn Care franchises are the only option for organic, electric lawn care in the area. But, nowadays it’s more often than not that we are beating out the competition with our customer-centered, pet-friendly, quiet, clean, and science-backed approach to lawn care.

best franchise with high customer satisfactionCustomer Satisfaction

While customer satisfaction is not included in the Franchise Business Review’s investigation process and survey, we think it’s a hugely important part of what makes a franchise successful. Without happy customers, you don’t have happy owners. So, let’s take a moment to give a big thanks to all of our customers across the country who switched to pet-friendly, organic, and electric lawn care, and then took the time to show their appreciation with a five-star review.  Clean Air Lawn Care Owners across the country received over 500 reviews, and have a 4.88-star average. You can read some of their reviews here, or find your local owner on google to read their reviews.

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