Turnkey Franchise Opportunities

Turnkey Franchise Opportunities

We’ve heard from a lot of our franchise owners that one of the many reasons why they decided to become a Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owner was because we offered a “turnkey” business plan and model. Entrepreneurs and potential franchise owners come to us first for our innovative, sustainable, and turnkey lawn care business model. They make the decision to become an owner based on our incredible, ongoing owner support and training. So what exactly is a turnkey franchise and why are so many entrepreneurs looking for turnkey franchise opportunities? Read on to find out.

What is a Turnkey Franchise or Business?

A turnkey franchise or business offers everything the new business owner needs to open and run their business as soon as they “turn the key,” or open their business. When entrepreneurs are looking for a turnkey business or franchise opportunities, they are typically looking for something that requires little to no start-up time.

What is “Turnkey” About a Franchise?

turnkey marketing materials
Franchises often offer turnkey marketing materials like this graphic van wrap

Many franchises (like Clean Air Lawn Care) are considered turnkey opportunities because they offer a tried-and-true business plan, business support, national brand awareness, and extensive training. Compared to starting a private business from scratch, starting a franchise usually has less risk and start-up time involved.

The proven, turnkey business and marketing plan of Clean Air Lawn Care is a big selling point for many of our owners. Franchises also offer entrepreneurs the stability and peace of mind of having many owners following the same business plan. New franchise owners have a much better idea of how to succeed with their business plan than private business owners because they have multiple success stories to follow.

The huge support system and extensive training are some other major reasons why a franchise is considered more “turnkey” than a private business. However, some franchises offer more support and training than others, so make sure you do your research when you’re considering buying a franchise. For instance, Clean Air Lawn Care provides owner-focused business, billing, marketing, website and operations support. We also provide an in-depth, week-long new owner training for every owner. This training sets new owners up with the knowledge and know-how they need to get their location off to a great start.

“True” vs “Partial” Turnkey Opportunities

When searching for turnkey opportunities, you’ll likely come across two different terms: “true” and “partial” turnkey opportunities. Whether it’s a private business or a franchise being sold, true turnkey and partial turnkey opportunities are different in what they offer the new owner upon purchase of the business or franchise.

True Turnkey Opportunities

True turnkey opportunities include everything the new owner needs to operate the business and generate revenue. Or, sometimes in a franchising case, it means that the franchisor will provide everything that the franchisee will need to start the business. This includes equipment, a retail space (if necessary), trucks/vehicles (if necessary), software, training, and marketing collateral. Sometimes true turnkey opportunities also include an existing customer base.

Typically, true turnkey franchises and businesses cost much more than partial turnkey opportunities because they include quite a bit more. They also have little to no flexibility for the new owner to make changes in equipment and/or processes.

Partial Turnkey Opportunities

Partial turnkey opportunities include less than true turnkey opportunities when it comes to equipment and existing customers, but usually include support, training, and a business plan. Many franchises sell partial turnkey businesses to franchisees because the equipment and retail space (if required) need to be purchased locally. This gives the owner more flexibility in the budget for the type of equipment that they purchase. It is also usually an advantage for business owners to purchase equipment locally whenever possible.

The important thing for any new business owner is to make sure that you know exactly what is included in the business or franchise you are purchasing, and be sure to have it in writing.

Our Partial Turnkey Franchise Opportunities

Partial turnkey franchise opportunities with Clean Air Lawn Care are available all over the United States. You can become a franchise owner with a territory in almost every town or metro area across the country. All you have to do is start the process with a quick application. We’ll get you all the information you need and answer any questions that come up. However, if you’re looking for existing franchises that you can purchase from the previous owner, or you have a specific territory in mind that’s already owned by a franchisee, you can take a look at our “Existing Franchises For Sale” page for more information about franchises that are for sale by owner.

Learn More About Our Turnkey Business Plan

Our True Turnkey Franchise Opportunities

turnkey franchise opportunities offer equipment

Every once in a while, a true turnkey franchise opportunity with Clean Air Lawn Care comes up because an existing owner is ready to sell their location ⁠— customers, trucks, equipment, and all. This is a great deal for a new owner because the previous owner put in all of the hard work to start up the business and now has it running with stable revenue and dependable customers. Please check our “Existing Franchises For Sale” page for updated information about our true turnkey franchise opportunities. If you see an existing location that you’d like more information about, get in touch and we’ll point you in the right direction!

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