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Clean Air Lawn Care Victor  is you local organic and sustainable, full-service lawn care service provider. Our service areas includes all of Teton county.

High-quality electric & organic lawn care services!

Eric Worth, Clean Air Lawn Care Victor owner, knows that using all electric equipment and organic treatments is the only way to do lawn care. Eric not only owns the Teton county location, but he owns the Jackson Hole location, too. Additionally, he works in partnership with the Clean Water Coalition, bringing trout friendly lawn care to all of his customers.

Victor lawn careWith the different soils, grass types and environments, we understand how important custom care is. We use one of a kind, organic lawn treatments to bring life to your soil and promote healthy, lush grass. We even have a blend of natural, pollinator friendly weed control product. Contact us now to get your FREE estimate for Colorado Springs lawn care by filling out this form or calling (307) 200-8828!

Clean Air Lawn Care is a Teton County lawn care company that provides organic lawn services that are healthy for your family and the environment. The EPA estimates that small 2-stroke engines, used in lawn care, produce 5-10% of pollution in the US every year. As we work to be part of the solution, we use solar panels atop our trucks to charge our electric equipment. This gives us the opportunity to recharge our electric lawn mowers and equipment while we work. Furthermore, lawn chemicals and synthetic fertilizers leak into local waterways and have harmful side-effects to people, animals, and our environment. Lawn treatment programs from Clean Air include organic fertilization and organic soil builders with natural weed control options.

Because we care, we approach lawn maintenance in Victor without emissions or chemicals.

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Electric Lawn Care Services

Solar-Powered Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

Clean Air Lawn Care is a truly sustainable lawn care company. When we come to your yard, you’ll notice that we have solar panels on the roof our trucks to power our equipment. All of our equipment operate using clean, solar energy. Gas-powered lawn equipment is known for its high air pollution, noise and smell. It also cause gas and oil spills. Our electric equipment is safer than gas-powered equipment because it is quiet, odorless and does not pollute the air with emissions. Learn more about our approach to sustainable lawn care here.

Organic Lawn Treatment ProgramsColorado Springs Fertilization pet safe


The basic organic treatment plan that is suitable for any lawn that would like to maintain it’s look or better it. This program is best for lawns that has not been treated with chemicals in the past and has few weeds.


If your lawn needs a bit more work, this is the treatment program for you. Lawns that have been treated with chemicals, those with thin or bare spots should have the 7-step program. This program is also ideal for lawns with a lot of weeds.

We offer an all-natural, safe weed control treatment to add to any plan or as a stand alone service.

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Other Victor Lawn Care Services

  • Bush Trimming, Shrub Pruning
  • Flower Bed Maintenance
  • Irrigation Maintenance
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Mulching
  • Overseeding
  • Topdressing