Why Own a Franchise?

The Benefits of Buying a Franchise

Why own a franchise? Starting a business of any kind can be a risky endeavor. Is buying a franchise with a known brand the way to go? Do you take the independent route and build a start-up from scratch? Or, do you take over an established local business? There are benefits and costs to each of these options; it’s important to weigh these factors when making the choice and it all comes down to why you chose to start your own business in the first place.

Why buying a franchise is the best choice for starting a lawn care business

Franchises are growing business models that continue to flourish because of their lucrative nature. With proven systems, reliable services, strong brand recognition, and well-known consistency, consumers are flocking toward franchises that they can trust. Here are four integral reasons why buying a franchise and being a lawn care franchise owner is more beneficial than starting from scratch or even taking over an existing independent lawn care business:

1. Franchise Support

If you purchase an existing lawn care business, you can hope to receive some sort of direction from the previous owner or join a local small business organization to help ease any frustrations. If you start from scratch, there is nothing to build from nor any direction given. The beauty of buying a franchise is that you’ll have a very far-reaching web of peer and franchisor support. As a franchise owner, you will be able to engage with existing owners to help solve any problems, should issues arise, and you can exchange ideas at national conventions, in forums, or during ownership conference calls. You will never be left in the dark or be all on your own when you invest in an established franchise. With Clean Air Lawn Care, our owners actively engage with and support one another using our private online collaborations tools. We also provide and continuously update franchise support materials and operational guides. Our national conference is fun as well as informative, we offer a weekly conference call, and our support team is always available and accessible.

2. Franchise Training

Some people may excel at their trade but lack the ability to run a successful business. When starting a lawn care business it’s important to consider all of the factors that go into it: hiring employees, payroll, marketing, budgeting, equipment maintenance, etc. If you’re buying a franchise, you’ll receive comprehensive training from the company to ensure that you’re set up with all of the tools you’ll need for success. It’s also important to recognize that as new equipment and products become available, you’ll need to stay up to date with those technologies. Your franchisor can provide you with information on new industry trends and give you training on innovative equipment. The franchise will also help you with advertising, allowing you to reach your local market but providing you with a strong, national, base strategy. You will be immersed in training that is tailored to give you a foundation to run a booming business, from management to employee instruction; you will quickly know all of the integral ins and outs of the business. When you buy a Clean Air Lawn Care Franchise your training begins immediately. We offer 6 complete days of training that are packed with speakers, classes, and information on how to run your business. Training includes business plan development, the latest in sustainability practices, a clear understanding of organic treatment applications, introduction to the equipment you’ll be using, networking with the Clean Air Lawn Care team and existing franchise owners, and when you have free time, taking in the Rocky Mountain views in the historic town of Fort Collins, Colorado.

3. Franchise Brand Image

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When taking over an existing business, you may have to redevelop or completely cultivate your company’s brand name. Unless you’re a marketing guru, it can take quite some time to gain popular brand recognition. If you’re starting a completely new business, a lot of marketing and advertising is required to establish your brand in the community. Existing franchises, though, already have an established reputation among customers and the industry. Successful franchises are trusted, well-known, and more importantly reliable businesses. Customers are much more likely to choose a company that provides uniform and consistent service than one with which they are unacquainted.

By associating your business with a leading brand name you will be enhancing your ability to draw new clients, employees, and partners. A natural result of this is that you’ll likely see a faster return on investment. Clean Air Lawn Care is recognized as the leader in sustainable and organic lawn care nationwide. We pioneered no-emissions, sustainable lawn care, and only use organic treatments. Our reviews show that we’re known across the country as a company that provides high-quality service.

We take our position on being environmentally friendly seriously and have been recognized for this in national publications like Entrepreneur, Lawn & Landscape, Market Watch, Fast Company, Turf Magazine, The Business Journal, and numerous local news outlets. Your Clean Air Lawn Care Franchise will instantly be recognized as a leader in sustainable and organic lawn care, delivering exceptional lawn care services, having excellent customer support, and a reputation of unmatched professionalism.

4. Strength of an existing franchise system

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When starting a lawn care business, it’s important to consider the popularity of other businesses locally or nation-wide. Are customers going to choose the unknown person with a truck and a lawn mower or are they more likely to choose a trustworthy brand that provides consistent results? In general, the latter is usually a popular choice. By buying a franchise, you’ll be latching onto a system with a strong foundation and you’ll be outfitted with every necessity. Everything you need will be provided to you in a neat built-in package. Another great advantage of buying a franchise is that the business usually has partnerships with other companies, providing their franchisees with great deals on equipment and products. This also grants further association with other well-known national companies. For Clean Air Lawn Care, this means you can don Patagonia gear and KEEN footwear, as well as use Black & Decker products at huge discounts.

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Owning franchise is the best choice when it comes to running a lawn care business.

Starting a lawn care business can be tough and whether or not you choose to purchase an existing company or buying a franchise, it’s going to be hard work. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable with the investment you make. Weigh the pros and cons and choose the option that will give you the most profitable return with the lowest risk. Keep in mind that the success rate for a franchise is higher than that of a locally owned small business. Products and equipment are standard, training is provided, the brand image is established, and the company’s name is well-known within the industry. A franchise will only be successful if its branches are; therefore it’s vital that the parent company provide the owners with every tool for success. When starting a lawn care business, choose to buy a Clean Air Lawn Care franchise. You won’t regret it.

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