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Get to Know Your Franchise Support Team

A small team with a big heart, The Clean Air Lawn Care Headquarters (HQ) crew is based in the beautiful town of Fort Collins, Colorado. We are your franchise support team, dedicated to supporting, motivating and guiding franchise owners in their entrepreneurial journey. When you join the Clean Air Lawn Care family, you’ll get to know us well, but until then, you can learn more about each of us right here.

Kelly Giard | CEO and Founder

Kelly Giard Clean Air Lawn Care Founder

Kelly Giard is the owner and founder of Clean Air Lawn Care. He started operating Clean Air Lawn Care out of his home in 2006. His second son had just been born.  As a parent, he wanted to do something truly impactful with his work life. He’d been ruminating on the business idea for about three years when he decided to take a leap and make his dream a reality.

 I started the company to change the world.  You wouldn’t think that changes in lawn care could have an impact on the overall health of the planet until you dig into data.  When we started Clean Air the EPA estimated 10-12% of the US air pollution was coming from small engines where the majority of those were lawn care related.  Additionally, the use of chemicals on US lawns is a major health risk to kids and pets.  Cleaning up lawn care in the US can change the world and our leadership on the business side of the problem empowers others in government and with home ownership to change. – Kelly Giard


Chrisane Giard | Director of Marketing

Chrisane Giard Clean Air Lawn Care Marketing Director

Chrisane is the marketing lead on your franchise support team. From marketing your business to marketing employment opportunities, she supports Clean Air Owners in building their businesses to meet their goals. She creates and manages local and national marketing strategies, digital and print ads, email campaigns, and more. Chrisane has a keen eye for design and creates stand-out marketing materials that are accessible to all franchise owners.

When Chrisane is not working to grow your Clean Air Lawn Care business, her family (including a toddler and two teenagers) keeps her on her toes. She loves yoga, traveling, cooking healthy meals with a cocktail in hand, and simply being outside.

The owner network is an incredible group of people who are passionate about their business. I love working with the HQ team, who are as passionate as the owners they support, and that passion shines through all our work. – Chrisane Giard

Dawn Martin | Financial Controller & Billing Support

Dawn is a bona fide master of anything accounting, billing and financial. She trains new owners on our billing system, sets up your personalized books, invoicing, customer payments, check processing, quarterly dashboards and analytics, Bi-Annual Financial proformas, financial goal setting, and accounting support.  Dawn also manages the Financial Disclosure Documents, annual audit, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, benefits, monthly and quarterly financial reporting and analytics for HQ .

Now that her kids have graduated and moved out, she is focused on re-discovering her personal passions.  Dawn loves to play Poker, using her keen deductive reasoning skills to kick butt.

I am proud to work for a company that is trying to help our environment and make a better world for our children.  I enjoy helping the Franchise Owners make a successful business for themselves. – Dawn Martin


Joseph Trevino | Operational Support

Clean Air Lawn Care Owners have a true expert supporting their operational needs. As Joseph also owns a Clean Air Lawn Care and Clean Air Mosquito Control locations in Houston, TX. Joseph is the go to when it comes to anything technique, routing, employees, and our customized CRM system. From the start, Joseph helps Owners launch their business ensuring they complete a full launch successfully and that they meet or exceed company benchmarks over the first initial months. He continues to work with each Owner on their unique goals and roadblocks along the way.

Joseph is an adrenaline junkie and has flown helicopters for emergency services and is looking to get his sky diving certification.

Jenna Jenkins | Customer Experience Coordinator

Jenna supports Owners by assisting them with their sales process. Jenna is dedicated to helping Owners foster lasting relationships with clients by keeping their communication smooth and organized. She is a source of individualized support for owners needing guidance and excels at promoting the highest quality of customer service with each location and on a national basis.

Jenna enjoys spending time with my pups, baking, watching horror movies, and aimlessly biking around town on a beautiful day.

I love being able to work for a company that is dedicated to improving the environment for generations to come. It’s an honor to be able to support our franchise owners on their individualized journeys to grow their businesses and make their cities a healthier, safer place to live— one yard at a time.

Monty Moose | Clean Air Lawn Care Mascot

Fierce and heroic, yet oddly approachable, Monty Moose represents the Clean Air Lawn Care mission and personality. He reminds us what we’re striving for with every day of hard work — to make the world a healthier, safer place for all living beings.

Monty Moose is a big part of Clean Air Lawn Care branding and marketing. He is an instantly recognizable icon that customers remember and recognize. Community members come to love seeing him around town, knowing that he is leaving their neighborhood healthier and prettier than before he arrived.


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