Organic Lawn Care Promotes Healthy Soil

Organic Lawn Care GrassAlways remember that the health of your soil determines the health of your plants.  It’s necessary that healthy soil be porous so water, air, and nutrients can move throughout it with ease.  By practicing organic lawn care, you are fostering the soil by allowing the organic matter to thrive within it.  Organic fertilizers are made out of nutrients that encourage long term root growth and favorable soil conditions. Balanced soil life will allow roots to reach their maximum depth, therefore retaining vital water for longer periods of time, allowing the plants to be nearly self-sustaining.

Chemical fertilizers provide short-term support for plants, but they have been proven to have unhealthy long-term effects.  Not too different than how performance enhancing drugs work in humans, plants become reliant on the chemicals, which can then cause unnecessary imbalances and long term disruption.