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Employee-to-Owner: The Ladder To Your Outdoor Career

Clean Air Lawn Care offers an outdoor career path many industries don’t. In addition, they offer steady employment and continuous training while pursuing a path to ownership. You can start at the bottom rung, or somewhere in the middle, and climb the ladder to a solid career in a high-demand business that’s exploding with growth. All along the way, you’ll work with helpful colleagues who are passionate about the work we do—folks who take pride in outstanding customer service and gorgeous lawns that are safe for all living things.

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We are not just a job! Clean Air Lawn Care offers a solid career with a long-term growth path to potentially unlimited business.

Organic Lawn Care is Growing

The lawn care industry is a $78 billion-dollar industry. With 65 banned or restricted lawn care chemicals, more and more households are asking for and buying organic products for their lawns, generating over $9 billion in organic lawn and garden purchases each year.

Clean Air Lawn Care offers highly effective, safer lawn care solutions with sustainable, organic products that homeowners want. We pair our skill and knowledge with a dedication to unparalleled customer service that attracts and retains customers for the long-term.

Own Your Own Lawn Care Business

The Employee-To-Owner path offers a unique opportunity to build your knowledge and skills with lawn care into a great outdoor career with a company that cares about your lifestyle and health. and business ownership. In as little as two years, you can own your own Clean Air Lawn Care franchise.

The Employee-to-Owner Benefits:

  • On-the-job training, starting immediately
  • Start off part-time or full-time
  • Clear, achievable goals
  • Mentored growth path to franchise ownership
  • Franchise fee is waived

You’re mentored every step of the way on your path to becoming a lawn care franchisee. The owner will create a series of goals for you to hit throughout the journey to owning your own business. Once the goals are approved by Clean Air Lawn Care headquarters, you can get started right away. The owner you work with will make sure you learn everything there is to know along the way.

The Positions Available For Your Outdoor Career:

Mow TechFort Collins Lawn Care all electric mower

Our entry-level position is a mow technician, learning how to use our products and equipment. You’ll learn how to adopt our sustainable maintenance practices, complete lawn maintenance routes, and assist with one-time clean up or similar jobs. This hands-on training will allow you to eventually train other employees in your own franchise.

Treatment Tech

This is when you’ll learn more about why Clean Air Lawn Care’s organic products are better for the homeowner, the environment, the neighborhood and the planet. The treatment tech learns all about how our products are formulated, why we choose organic, and why Clean Air Lawn Care’s products are better for both the lawn and the environment. Your work will include product application and how to make decisions about what product to use and in what quantity.

Operations Assistant Manager

As Operations Assistant Manager, you’ll continue to handle lawn maintenance work and be in charge of a crew while learning about the operations side of the business. Skills you’ll learn in this position include scheduling and route management, customer service, and staffing.

Assistant Sales Manager

Sales activity is a very important part of growing a Clean Air Lawn Care business. In this role, you’ll learn important sales skills like how to find new customers, how to create estimates for potential new customers and how to market and grow the business.

General Manager

You can become the manager of a Clean Air Lawn Care location, handling all business operations including routing, scheduling, staffing, purchasing, invoicing and accounts payable.

You own your own Clean Air Lawn Care franchise, handle all aspects of the business, and get to reap the rewards of ownership.

Through our Employee-to-Owner path, we make it possible for hard working employees to become business owners. After you have completed all of your goals as set forth in your Employee-to-Owner path, you will have earned your franchise fee to allow you to own your own Clean Air Lawn Care franchise business!

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