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Clean Air Lawn Care Seattle is an electric and organic full-service yard and garden care provider who caters to residential and small commercial properties in the greater Seattle and Eastside areas. Our trucks are all topped with solar panels that charge our all electric equipment throughout the day. Our OMRI certified, organic fertilization programs are custom made for Seattle lawns and are safe for pets, kids, the environment and local waterways. Let us show you how great your lawn can look!

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organic Seattle lawn careAt Clean Air Lawn Care Seattle, we understand that each lawn is different, every property’s soil and environment is unique, and that Seattle gets quite a bit of varying weather. With our experience and expertise, we care for each property by providing it with custom organic fertilizer blends and sustainable practices that conserve water. We can even help with that dreaded Seattle moss.

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Gas-powered engines produce 5-10% of U.S. pollution every year, per the EPA. Those engines are what traditional lawn companies use. Our electric lawn services are good for your family and the environment. Furthermore, harmful lawn chemicals can have harmful side-effects on people and animals. Using gas, cutting grass too short, chemical use and other practices are wasteful and not good for any of us. We do it differently, we truly care about not only a beautiful, healthy lawn, but about those who enjoy it every day! That’s why we mounted solar panels on all Clean Air Lawn Care trucks, giving us the opportunity to recharge our solar-powered lawn mowers while we work. This helps us stay quiet and elimate the use of gas or oil in our mowers. Lawn maintenance in Seattle can be done without emissions or chemicals, we do it! Our lawn treatment programs offer nutrient to feed all the beneficial micro-organisms within the soil to keep lush lawns green and weeds out. In addition, we offer a natural, eco-friendly weed control option that is safe for our employees and your family.

Solar-Powered, Electric Lawn Mowing & Maintenanceelectric lawn care seattle

We said it before and we will say it again. How cool! Our all electric lawn care equipment is powered by the sun! All of our mowers, blowers, and trimmers operate by the solar panels on our trucks charging the batteries. Your neighbors will be happy when they see us pull up as they won’t be disturbed. Our equipment is 75% quieter than gas lawn care equipment! It is nice to smell the freshly cut grass without the odor of oil and gas mixed in.  Clean Air Lawn Care Seattle provides lawn care services to the greater Seattle, Eastside and surrounding areas. Call Today to schedule your lawn care services with us.

Treatment Programs

We offer both a 5 and a 7 step program to best fit the needs of your lawn. In addition, we have different treatment add-ons for things like moss or other lawn issues. Our basic, 5 step program is for lawns in pretty good shape, no prior chemicals and just need regular nutrients for soils and the lawn. Lawns that have been treated with chemicals in the past, those with thin or bare spots or big weed issues should opt for our 7 step program.

About the Owner, Denny Rochford

Denny lives sustainability and has been for years. “Most of my adult life I have worked to improve the health of buildings and our community. I personally have been doing reduce, reuse and recycle since the term’s inception. From food waste to plastics my footprint is minimal.” He is a Seattle native who has great care for reducing his footprint and helping his customers do the same by providing all electric lawn care services and organic fertilization programs.

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Other Seattle Lawn Care Services

  • Soil testing
  • Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Natural mosquito control
  • Irrigation consultation
  • Compost application
  • Organic weed control
  • Shrub or hedge trimming
  • Seasonal yard clean up
  • Garden bed maintenance

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