Meet Our Franchise Owners

A Clean Air Lawn Care franchise is designed to give you the ability to take control of your financial future while living the lifestyle you choose. Meet a few of the Clean Air Lawn Care owners who are running thriving businesses with our proven franchise business model.

Adam Werner – Seattle

“When I started researching CALC, I was looking to make a pretty big career move. I wanted to be more involved with my local community and at the same time, be part of the solution to help reduce carbon emissions. This franchise allows me to make a difference and gain the financial freedom to move into a career I am passionate about.” If you’re looking for Adam, start on the San Juan Islands. If you don’t find him there on a weekend, he’s probably traveling, camping, hiking, swimming, or snowboarding. You could also try his yard & garden during the long days of the Pacific Northwest summers where he’ll be working on garden design which he hopes to incorporate into his Clean Air business. Lastly, try his house where he’ll be remodeling one room or another. “I launched my business in 3 weeks and had 45 customers within the first 6 months of business. Some of my clients could have their lawn mowed for $20 but they choose my service because they are conscientious about their carbon footprint.”

Mill Nash – Marin County

“I have worked for other environmentally and socially responsible companies- working for myself allows me to make a difference every day.” Mill, an entrepreneur from the start, had his 1st lawn care business as a kid in Virginia. After school and traveling, he went to work for the environmentally and socially conscious clothing company Patagonia where the real education began. He now enjoys making this planet a little better every day, one lawn at a time. When not sharpening mower blades you might find him teaching his daughter how to say “Yabba Dabba Do,” looking for the beer tent at a Bluegrass festival in Golden Gate park, or riding his road bike in the hills of West Marin. “I do all the work myself from estimates to mowing. Because I work for myself, 70% of my revenue comes directly to me. This has given me the financial freedom to spend time with my daughter and wife.”

Steve Moll – Colorado Springs

“This model gives me the flexibility to run my other business which provides me with an income during the winter when the grass stops growing. I am able to utilize the equipment and space I already have to run my Clean Air operation.” Steve lives at the bottom of Pike’s Peak where you’ll find him playing Frisbee golf, camping, mountain biking, working outdoors, or playing fetch with his dog. He takes his conference calls with Grass Central in his lawn chair at the evening’s outdoor concert. “The initial investment was a big leap to make, but after getting my first 10 customers, I knew I made a sound decision.”

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