Yes, We Had a Great 2009! -

Yes, We Had a Great 2009!

In 2009, Clean Air Lawn Care:

• Reduced 19,093 pounds of air pollution – the equivalent of reducing 556,879 vehicle miles – along Colorado’s Front Range through the expansion of our service. Reduced 75,283 pounds and over 2 million vehicle miles nationwide

• Fine tuned organic fertilization program to help lawns thrive without chemicals

• Worked with to offset emissions associated with vehicle and biodiesel mower use & airline travel to ensure that all locations operated carbon neutral nationwide

• Recycled 3,600 pounds of office paper in our Fort Collins office & recycled 936 gallons of glass & plastic

• Composted 2,640 pounds of food waste and other compostable materials at our Fort Collins office

• Launched Clean Air Recycling & Waste Services with National Recycling and implemented Clean Air Compost in Northern Colorado

• Maintained energy efficient office building that has solar tubes, communal kitchen, bike storage, composting, CFL & natural lighting & garden

• Awarded Environmental Stewardship Award by Larimer County

• Expanded to 27 territories nationwide, replacing gas mowing services and improving air quality in those locations

• Named one of the top 5 Green Franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine with CEO, Kelly Giard, named Emerging Entrepreneur 2009

Here’s to more accomplishments in 2010!

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